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The Weekly Poet

Your daily dose of awesome poetry

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A Poet a week - A Poem a Day
The Weekly Poet is a community which aims at introducing one poet a week. The poetry is suppossed to bring a little moment of beauty into the reader's everyday life :)

1. The poet will be represented throughout the week with 5 of his poems chosen by me.
2. The poets are chosen according to a variety in nationality, ethnicity and gender. Every person who has one volume of poetry published counts as a candidate for poet of the week.
3. This is suppossed to be a lively community so please comment on the poetry even if you just wanna say that you liked (or hated)it.
Recommendations, criticism, suggestions or anything not related to the actual poetry posted goes into the Contactbox plz or visit my private journal tastyfusionfare.

Disclaimer: Don't own any of this poetry. Never claimed to. So be so kind not to sue me ;)